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Sift is a mobile app that makes finding gifts easier, with guided recommendations generated by you.


Sometimes people have difficulty thinking of gifts to give for friends and loved ones, especially around the holidays and for birthdays. This can lead to forgetting birthdays, getting gifts that may be impersonal, or not getting a gift at all.


Create a stress-free experience that guides users to be thoughtful about their gift-buying decisions and make the decision to purchase a gift with ease. This is done through:

1. Syncing contacts and collect their ‘likes’

2. Scanning items to save as gift ideas for later

3. Receiving reminders to order gifts in time


The feed is split into three views:

Events– for birthdays or other special occassions coming up

Scans– scanned items from friends that the user can 'like' to inform the gift-buying decision of the friend

All– a dynamic view of both 'Events' and 'Scans'


You have the ability to scan things that remind you of your friend, to save as gift ideas for later.

The scan will bring up where the item is available online, giving you the ability to compare prices. Save an item to a friend. The more you scan, the more accurate the results will be for the best gift for your friend.


To "sift" in the app is the act of assisting you in narrowing down your choices to the perfect gift.

You have the choice to "sift" and put up an item against another and quickly choose until there is only one item left. You also are able to customize your gift by adding a message card or even having it wrapped for you before delivery.